Exotic Cattle Breeding Farm, Bhararisain

Exotic Cattle Breeding Farm, Bhararisain, Chamoli is located at an isolated place at a distance of about 275 km from Dehradun, 35 km from Karnprayag and 12 km from Gairsain, district Chamoli. The site is located at a height of 7500 ft to 8000 ft. from mean sea level and is about 5 Km away from the main road. The 5 km long stretch of the main road which connects farm is kaccha and uneven at several places making it difficult to drive vehicle on this road. It becomes totally unusable after snow fall in the area and the farm is disconnected from rest of the world.

The climate of the farm is temperate and is good for the Jersey and crossbred cattle. The temperature of the area ranged from 6 - 30 °C and annual rainfall from 1620.9 to 2615.4 cm. the area receives 2 to 5 ft. of snow fall during peak of winter season.

The farm is having 498 acres of land, of which 37 acres of land is cultivable. The remaining 451 acres of land is under natural rain fed pasture. The irrigation facilities were available for 34.5 acres of land only, through 11 Km long water pipeline. There is potential for increasing the cultivable area to 60 acres.

The Government of Uttarakhand has transferred Exotic Cattle Breeding Farm, Bhararisain, Chamoli to Uttarakhand Livestock Development Board in the year 2013-14 vide Gazette Notification No.55/XV-1/7(35)/09 Dated 05.03.2014. The ULDB has acquired the farm in the May 2014.

Under NPBB the ULDB is maintaining and strengthening the farm as bull mother farm. The farm has Jersey cattle. The farm is using imported Jersey semen and sexed semen for breeding of Jersey cows available in the farm. Check MPRS List of Bulls available at ECBF, Bhararisain