Animal Breeding Farm Nariyalgaon (BADRI Conservation Program), Champawat

Hill cattle is agile and can negotiate often treacherous pasture terrains; they feed, survive, reproduce and produce on locally available feed and fodder; they are highly disease resistant; are also the sole source of production of the small hill bullock which owing to the minimal chances of farm mechanization continue to be the single most important source of farm power in the hills for all agricultural operations and they require very little maintenance as compared to their cross bred cousins. With an objective of standardizing both the phenotypic characters of this hill cow as well as its genetic characterization with the help of National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR) and to evolve strategies for the genetic up gradation and propagation of the Badri Cow with the view to increasing its production potential,the, then AH minister, Sri Trivendra Singh Rawat first named this breed BADRI in 2011 and to conserve and upgrade this breed Animal Breeding Farm Nariyalgaon came into existence in 2012, with 50 cows and presently the farm has propagated this breed to Three hundred thirteen. This farm continued its cohesive efforts for scientific recognition of this breed and succeeded in 2016 when this cattle of Uttarakhand clinched the coveted title of being the first certified cattle breed of Uttarakhand after National Bureau Of Animal Genetic Resource included it as Badri breed (Accession number INDIA_ CATTLE_ 2400_ BADRI_ 03040) .