Animal Breeding Farm, Kalsi

The cattle breeding farm at Kalsi was established in the year 1962 with a view to provide pure breed males of Red Sindhi & cross breed males of Jersey X Red Sindhi breeds of cattle for genetic improvement of hill cattle through the distribution of bulls for the natural breeding program of the state. The farm is located 55 km from the state capital, with a total area of 70.74 hectares. Under the natural breeding program of the ULDB started since 2002 the farm has contributed a good no. of cow bulls of Red Sindhi & Jersey X Sindhi crosses to the farmers of Uttarakhand. Over the years the farm has managed to maintain a pure breed herd of Red Sindhi with the above objective in mind. From time to time new bulls have been introduced to avoid in breeding as also through the use of frozen Red Sindhi semen doses produced from SAJ, Bidaj.

The Animal Breeding Farm Kalsi has started the production of Gau-Mutra Ark and signed a MOU with M/s Divya Pharmacy, Hardwar for its sale.

Check MPRS List of Bulls available at ABF Kalsi