National Project For Cattle And Buffalo Breeding Livestock Uttaranchal Year 1997
Uttaranchal Livestock Development Board Objectives Objectives Officers of the Board
Institutions of the Board Institutional Network Progress Report Events

The objective of the board shall be to encourage, promote and carry out viably, all activities to improve the breeding and management of livestock (cattle and buffaloes) to enhance their production and productivity through out the territory of the State of Uttarakhand.

Advise and assist the State Govt. in overall strengthening of the institutional set up under them dealing with breeding and development of cattle and buffaloes; their production and productivity and help in establishing appropriate new institutions to maximize returns on investments already made on cattle and buffaloes breeding Infrastructure statewide.

Evolve and orchestrate along with the State Govt. Cattle and buffalo breeding programs in the State for continuously increasing output.

Promote, organize and nurture institutions outside the Government (cooperatives, NGOs, voluntary Organizations, Goshalas etc.) to generate quality breeding inputs and for delivery of breeding services at the farmer's doorstep on progressively self generating and economically viable basis.

Establishment of a network for uninterrupted supply of frozen semen and liquid nitrogen, establishment, modernization, strengthening of cattle and buffalo farms to ensure availability of exotic and elite indigenous bulls for natural service.

Modernize and upgrade existing training facilities to enhance skills and professional competence at all levels on a regular and continuing basis.

Establish collaboration and network arrangements with institutions of repute within the country as well as Overseas to obtain new technologies and upgrade skills on breeding program.

Interact and collaborate with bilateral and international bodies to create infrastructure, set up joint ventures and joint projects in the area of livestock production (cattle and buffalo). Genetic improvement of the cattle and buffalo livestock product development, processing and marketing network.

Set up a quality assurance program across the entire range of breeding inputs and breeding services for cattle and buffaloes through standards for genetic inputs, good laboratory practices, good manufacturing practices, quality control procedures, hygiene criteria etc.

Establish linkage with national and international research setup and orchestrate a research support program for livestock leading to improved efficiency and cost reduction.

Carry out studies and survey on all aspects of livestock production, productivity and livestock products, generate information and data leading to a dynamic database and management information system by advance information technology for the growing globalization of Indian livestock industry.

Provide consultancy services to the livestock industry in all aspects of Livestock Production, Animal Breeding, Milk Production, Processing and Marketing Network etc. Advise the State Government and local self Government on policies related to the livestock sector.

Assist the national effort in conservation of biodiversity and genetic resources and development and commercial exploitation of indigenous breeds of livestock of economical importance. Promote and fund, development activities for the boards in the Breeding Sector.

Designing, planning and construction of any livestock product processing plant including civil works. Inspection, advise or evaluation of any Livestock Breeding Board or installation including all integrated services such as maintenance of LN2 plants, Sperm Production Center, procurement of raw material, transport, processing and distribution of raw material (LN2, Semen etc.)

Sponsor, promote, manage, setup, acquire, construct or install any plant or works, which directly or indirectly promote or advance projects of general public utility relating to livestock production and to make, recommend, submit and draw plans, schemes and reports for such projects and to provide for detailed implementation and execution of such projects.

Adopt and undertake any other measures or perform any other activities as may be required by the Govt. of India or by the State Govt. Take all other decisions, which the members deem fit for the achievements of the objectives of the board.