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The Head Quarter of the board is situated at Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand . It is 5 km from the nearest railway station and bus stand. It is a fully computerized division having internet & other facilities (photocopying, fax, telephone etc). The office is being run efficiently under the guidance of the Chief Executive Officer of the board.

Located on national highway No.58, it is the sole semen producing center of the state of Uttarakhand. It is situated 8 km from Rishikesh and 16 km from Haridwar, the two nearest cities. The station is spread over an area of 98.7 acres of land, of which 88.7 acres is designated for fodder production. The remaining land harbors Lab, sheds, residential quarters and other infrastructural facilities. The Laboratory is well equipped with modern instruments & latest technologies are being used to check quality of semen produced. The lab received ISO 9001 : 2000 accreditation in May 2005 and is engaged in its endeavor to produce quality semen doses. The lab has also been awarded the requisite " B' grade (very good) by the central monitoring unit (CMU)  which is the statuary body of the central government for the evaluation of all frozen semen production stations in the country.                      SEE MPRS ALSO 

The training center of U.L.D.B is located at Rishikesh on the banks of river Ganga. It has capacity to train 60 trainees at a time. It has two fully furnished lecture room with latest communication and teaching aids (LCD projector, computer, overhead projector etc.), backed by highly skilled and trained teaching staff. In addition it has an excellent library with sufficient number of books to meet requirements of the trainees. It also has two hostels and mess facilities. Training Center is imparting training to farmers, progressive livestock owners, veterinary professionals (veterinary officers, livestock extension officers, veterinary pharmacists), private A.I. workers, dairy cooperative society secretaries and members for their skill development. The practical  training is given at Animal Breeding farm Kalsi as per requirement. A state of the bovine embryo transfer laboratory is being developed at the Kalsi farm for the conservation and propagation of the Red Sindhi breed of cattle under the centrally sponsored National Project for Cattle & Buffalo Breeding.                         SEE MPRS ALSO 

Animal Breeding Farm, Kalsi


The cattle breeding farm at Kalsi was established in the year 1962 with a view to provide pure breed males of Red Sindhi & cross breed males of Jersey X Red Sindhi breeds of cattle for genetic improvement of hill cattle through the distribution of bulls for the natural breeding program of the state. The farm is located 55 km from the state capital, with a total area of 70.74 hectares. Under the natural breeding program of the ULDB started since 2002 the farm has contributed a good no. of  cow bulls of Red Sindhi & Jersey X Sindhi crosses to the farmers of Uttarakhand. Over the years the farm has managed to maintain a pure breed herd of Red Sindhi with the above objective in mind. From time to time new bulls have been introduced to avoid in breeding as also through the use of frozen Red Sindhi semen doses produced from SAJ, Bidaj.

The Animal Breeding Farm Kalsi has started the production of Gau-Mutra Ark and signed a MOU with M/s Divya Pharmacy, Hardwar for its sale.

                                                   SEE MPRS ALSO     List of Bulls available at ABF Kalsi

Embryo Bio Technology Centre

An EMBRYO BIO TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH AND TRAINING CENTER has been established at Animal Breeding Farm Kalsi for the conservation and propogation of Red Sindhi breed and research on Embryo Transfer technology.                                                                 SEE MPRS ALSO 

Exotic Cattle Breeding Farm, Bhararisain
Exotic Cattle Breeding Farm, Bhararisain, Chamoli is located at an isolated place at a distance of about 275 km from Dehradun, 35 km from Karnprayag and 12 km from Gairsain, district Chamoli. The site is located at a height of 7500 ft to 8000 ft. from mean sea level and is about 5 Km away from the main road. The 5 km long stretch of the main road which connects farm is kaccha and uneven at several places making it difficult to drive vehicle on this road. It becomes totally unusable after snow fall in the area and the farm is disconnected from rest of the world.

 The climate of the farm is temperate and is good for the Jersey and crossbred cattle. The temperature of the area ranged from 6 - 30 C and annual rainfall from 1620.9 to 2615.4 cm. the area receives 2 to 5 ft. of snow fall during peak of winter season.

The farm is having 498 acres of land, of which 37 acres of land is cultivable. The remaining 451 acres of land is under natural rain fed pasture. The irrigation facilities were available for 34.5 acres of land only, through 11 Km long water pipeline. There is potential for increasing the cultivable area to 60 acres.

The Government of Uttarakhand has transferred Exotic Cattle Breeding Farm, Bhararisain, Chamoli to Uttarakhand Livestock Development Board in the year 2013-14 vide Gazette Notification No.55/XV-1/7(35)/09 Dated 05.03.2014. The ULDB has acquired the farm in the May 2014.

 Under NPBB the ULDB is maintaining and strengthening the farm as bull mother farm. The farm has Jersey cattle. The farm is using imported Jersey semen and sexed semen for breeding of Jersey cows available in the farm.
&                                                    SEE MPRS ALSO List of Bulls available at ECBF, Bhararisain