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Fodder Development Program

The fetching of fodder for livestock is a gender specific activity and is one of the main tasks of  the women in the household. On an average 4-5 hours are spent by them in the collection of fodder everyday particularly in the hill districts of the state.

The government of Uttarakhand in its effort to address this issue has handed over the fodder development program in a phase wise manner to the ULDB. As an initial step the ULDB has been granted funds for the establishment of a fodder bank at Rishikesh to cater to the needs of the Garhwal division of the state.
Under the program one compact feed block and one urea molasses lick block manufacturing unit has already been established. A total of 3 lakh compact feed blocks weighing 5 Kg and 2.5 lakh bricks each weighing 2.5 Kg are to be prepared in these units.

Farmers and livestock entrepreneurs have been trained in the enrichment of crop residues and other cellulosic wastes through urea treatment. Till date a total of 4430 individuals have been provided training under the program.

Under the centrally sponsored Abhinav Jawahar Rojgar Yojna a program for the cultivation and propagation of alpine and subtropical fodder grasses such as hybrid Napier, Setaria, Guinea, Tall fescue, Rye, Brome, Cocksfoot, Clovers and Alfa-alfa have been initiated in collaboration with the Van Panchyats. A total of 13000 Van Panchayats have been targeted involving more than 5 lakh hectares of land. To begin with 16 Van Panchayats and 14 departmental farms and barren lands in the campuses of departmental institutions covering an area of 138 hectare have been adopted for this activity for developing them into centers of excellence for the cultivation and propagation of these grasses.

Centrally sponsored grassland development and grass reserves project have been initiated in 09 hilly districts of the state. Grassland development programme have been taken up in 18 Van Panchayats with an area of 90 hectares.

Board has taken up the centrally sponsored scheme of minikits demonstration of seasonal fodder crops such as maize, sorghum, chari, cowpea, oats, berseem and Lucerne . Till today 43383 minikits of fodder crops have been distributed among farmers and livestock owners including SC & ST across the state.